Exploring Essential Digital Marketing Services: Part 2

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What Services Do Digital Marketing Agencies Offer? - Part 2

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April, 2024

Market Research
Before you launch a business, the right market research can help determine customers’ needs. Market research can also help existing businesses amp up their marketing strategy. Sure, you can conduct market research on your own, but it can take a long time to gather thorough and accurate information.

Hiring a professional can help you uncover and analyze: .

  • * Geographic location
  • * Customer demographics
  • * Business conditions
  • * Competitors
  • * Potential sales
  • * Potential demand for product/service
  • * Consumer preferences

A market research agency can help you make more informed and strategic business decisions.

Video Production
Video is no longer a “nice to have.” It’s a fast-growing and essential medium you can utilize on every major content marketing channel. Video production involves storyboarding, shooting, writing, and editing video footage to create short or long-form videos for educational or promotional purposes.

When the video is done well, it can boost engagement, increase brand awareness, and improve page rankings.

Here are some other ways you could use video:

  • Viral branding
  • Video tutorials
  • Onboarding videos
  • New product releases
  • Social media
  • Training and educational video
  • Webinars

The possibilities are endless!
If you have a great video idea, but can’t make it a reality, it might be because you haven’t found the right agency just yet.

Public Relations (PR)
Of course, you want your business to be successful. But you also want it to look good in the public eye while spreading brand awareness.

That’s where PR comes in.

Public relations (PR) is a necessity for businesses. It strengthens communications between organizations and the public. A good PR team helps you respond to negative and positive moments more strategically so you can leave a good impression on the public and your customers. They can also help increase brand awareness and improve credibility by educating the public. A PR team typically has relationships with the media and a far better reach than you may have as an individual. Plus, media placements can make a positive impact on your SEO.

They also can help grow your brand by positioning you or your business as a thought leader in your industry. If these are areas of growth for your business, consider hiring a PR agency.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
As arguably one of the most utilized yet ever-changing channels, it’s no surprise so many agencies specialize in social media marketing. Social media marketing, obviously, is the use of social media networks to promote your business or brand. But when we get down to the nitty-gritty, social media marketing:

  • Creates brand awareness more easily and effectively
  • Helps establish a brand voice
  • Positions your brand faster than print, TV, or radio
  • Uses organic and paid methods to market to your customers
  • Lets you engage with your audience
  • Helps uncover data about your audience
  • Acts as a channel for customer service communication
  • Makes distributing content easier
  • Keeps you trendy
  • Helps analyze competitors

Social media marketing is also very cost-effective, especially for new businesses or those with small marketing budgets. A social media marketing agency can help your business break new ground in this channel.

Marketing Strategy
So maybe you check all the boxes and are utilizing every content marketing channel. But how do you get them to all work in perfect harmony? All of these components work better together when there is a strong marketing strategy. Think of a marketing strategy as GPS navigation leading you toward your ideal company vision.

Creating a marketing strategy ensures you:

  • Target the right people
  • Communicate the right information
  • Develop or improve existing or new products and services
  • Increase sales
  • Grow sustainably

A marketing strategy is fluid. Update yours as necessary—because, let’s face it, the marketing industry never stops changing. If you’re struggling to nail down a marketing strategy, find an agency that can help you be more intentional with how you market your business.

Web Design & Development
Your website is likely your most important marketing tool. Two main functions go into creating a website—design and development. So how are they different?

Website designers ensure the site is appealing and easy to interact with. They tend to focus on the more artistic aspects. Web developers focus more on the programming and technical aspects that help the website function. So that webpage you can access in less than six seconds? It probably has a good web developer behind it.

It’s easy to ixnay web developers entirely and just focus on website design, but this may not be smart in the long run. A growing website could suffer without the help of a web developer. Ideally, having both can help your website look great and load faster so you can keep users engaged for longer periods of time.

Why You Should Hire a Marketing Agency
Hiring a professional marketing agency can save you time and a lot of headaches. You’re already busy managing your business, building customer relationships, and improving your brand presence. You could benefit from one less thing (or a few) to worry about. Determine the areas you’re weakest in or want to improve upon the most, and let one of our vetted marketing agencies do the heavy lifting for you. So you can focus on what’s most important.

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