Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

One of the most effective online marketing approaches one can use to generate sales

Email Marketing is an extremely powerful way to stay in front of your customers and drive sales and revenue at will.

Most of us have come to associate email marketing with ‘spamming’, desperate ‘offers’ we receive in our in-boxes, regarding various medications, get rich quick schemes, and so on. Coming from such a background, we would never be inclined to take the whole concept of email marketing seriously. Yet, the truth of the matter is that email marketing – when properly done, is one of the most effective online marketing approaches one can use to generate sales and increase your business exposure.

Email marketing is another way (the most effective way) to reach your customers directly via electronic mail. Unlike the traditional direct mail marketing, information sent out through email is more targeted.

Despite the emergence and hype surrounded by numerous other digital marketing channels, such as pay per click, SEO and recently Social Media Marketing using Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, email still commands a larger share of the marketing spend than any other marketing channel.

From our experience, we can tell you that, to have an effective email marketing campaign you must have resources dedicated to creating email content, create follow up series, manage subscribers, track your campaign performance, etc..this is where SVG Digital comes in, we can setup your email marketing software, build your email follow up to maintain consistent communication with your list and create engaging content to increase sales and business exposure.

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