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Content Calendar for Video Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

August, 2022

Videos are taking over the internet, with the leading players being Instagram reels, TikTok, and Youtube. It is hard to ignore the fact that videos are everywhere. Brands with even a speck of common sense incorporate video marketing strategies in their business plans.

However, posting random videos isn't going to cut it. If you want to scale up your content, you need a video marketing calendar.

What Is A Video Marketing Calendar?

A video marketing calendar is a content calendar that schedules and manages all your video marketing activities. You may ask, "What is a Content Calendar?"

In simple words, A content calendar is a plan for your content. It is a content plan in a calendar-based format with a list of content that you should publish. A content calendar has dates, deadlines, projects, and objectives that you need to fulfill.

A video marketing calendar is a blueprint of your video marketing strategy. It contains the publishing schedule, video concept, formats, and more. A video marketing calendar is necessary to make video content a major part of content marketing strategy.

Why Should I Create A Video Marketing Calendar?

While many creators only produce content when they want to, this method is not feasible for businesses who wish to use video marketing. A video content calendar is essential in video marketing because:

  • * Better organization: Imagine having a lot of beautiful things at your home in clutter, and then imagine sorting it out. It's a relief, isn't it? A content calendar ensures better organization for your ideas and video concepts.

  • * Improved content planning: With a content calendar, you can plan and create content in time. You will know when to prepare for the upcoming content. It helps with ideation, video creation, and video publishing schedule.

  • * High-quality video content: When you have a content calendar, you can produce high-quality content with a content calendar because your content goes through several tests and trials before being published. Video previews ensure you are satisfied with how your content will look.

  • * Bridge communication gap within the team: Someone who works alone does not need a content calendar, but a team with an entire marketing strategy needs a content calendar. It bridges the communication gap and brings transparency. You can share the common goals on the calendar, and the whole team will be in constant contact to make it work.

  • * Setting up marketing goals: A content calendar not only helps you plan ahead but also sets up a schedule. It ensures you are consistent with your production. Setting up marketing goals and following them consistently will ensure success.

A content calendar is a planning tool to create and schedule content according to your market goals. A video content calendar is an irreplaceable tool; it is a must for marketers to scale their businesses.

Video Marketing Calendar: How to Set Up

To achieve your marketing goals, you need to plan your content carefully. Video content calendars are a great way to develop a content strategy. Here is how to set up a video marketing calendar for your business.

1. Choose A Calendar Tool

A content calendar tool like Google Sheets, Excel, Notion, etc., can be the base of your content calendar. There are many calendar tools you can use. Choose one that fits your marketing budget and objective.

  • * Small teams and large teams alike use Google Sheets because it’s free and easy to use.

  • * Microsoft Excel is also similar to Google Sheets, but it allows more collaboration than Sheets.

  • * Loomly is another popular calendar tool, especially for blog content calendars.

  • * CoSchedule is a paid tool that has both one person and enterprise plans.

Other project management tools like Slack, Asana and Basecamp also have a content calendar feature you can use. You need to choose a content calendar tool based on the size of your team, marketing budget, and your publishing consistency.

2. Brainstorm Various Video Ideas, then Narrow them down

Using a content calendar makes it easy for you to plan content. You will think of many video content ideas, but the goal is to narrow it down to the best ideas. How to find content ideas?

  • * Ask all your team members to be part of a brainstorming session.

  • * Think and rethink the ideas and note them down.

  • * Rate all the video ideas and select the best.

  • * Find ideas for all-year-round- festivals, occasions, important dates, celebratory holidays, etc.

  • * Identify peak season in your industry and plan content accordingly.

Once you have enough video ideas, make a separate section on the calendar for new ideas. The next relevant step is to allocate relevant dates and deadlines to the ideas.

3. Assign A Dedicated Calendar Manager

The content calendar won't manage itself. The tools aren't automated. You need to assign a dedicated calendar manager to look after the calendar. What are the roles of a calendar manager?

  • * A content manager will add new content ideas to the calendar.

  • * They will change & edit the information on the calendar.

  • * They will ensure the upcoming tasks are completed on time.

A calendar manager's role is to handle the video content calendar. From adding new video ideas to clicking publish on videos, a calendar manager has the editorial power over a content calendar.

4. Set Video Development Frequency

A content manager ensures the calendar is up to date. He/She also has the responsibility to toll out content consistently according to the strategy. You need to set a video development frequency. How often do you want to publish? Do you want to post daily? Do you want to post weekly videos?

Setting up a video publishing schedule is a great way to stay organized and improve results. Some creators believe publishing videos once a month is enough, while some believe posting twice a week is the path to success.

  • * For Youtube: 1 to 2 videos a week is alright.

  • * For Instagram: 2 to 3 reels a week.

  • * For TikTok: 4 times a week.

  • * For Facebook: 1 to 2 videos a week.

While the frequency of publishing is essential, the timing of your posts is also crucial. You need to post videos when your target audience is most active to help you get more views.

5. Determine The Type Of Videos You Want To Create

The next step is to decide what type of videos you want to create. You need to determine the type of videos that will go along with your brand and fit into your marketing strategy. There are several things you need to keep in mind before deciding what type of videos to create, which are:

  • * What type of videos better represent your brand?

  • * What type of videos can be created with the resources you have?

  • * What type of videos can be produced within the publishing schedule you have set?

  • * What type of videos perform better with your target audience?

You need to ask yourself these questions before creating videos. Determining the type of videos for your content strategy is a crucial step. If you decide to create promotional videos, then you should give Offeo’s Promo Video Maker a try.

6. Develop Video Content

Finally, after entering the type of videos you want to create on the Video content calendar you need to develop content. You can use the existing content by repurposing it or developing new content.

  • * Take inspiration from the video ideas jotted on the content calendar.

  • * Write a detailed script for the video.

  • * Share it with the production team.

  • * Get started on content development.

  • * Optimize content for specific social media platforms.

Make sure you optimize your content for all platforms before publishing it. You can't share a video created for TikTok on Youtube. The aspect ratio, video length, and content type will be different for various platforms. Once you develop the content, edit it and publish the video. You can update the status on the content calendar, add links and even comment. It is an intelligent way to keep tabs on your video production process. Moreover, the entire team will be up to date with the video production.

Content Calendar for Video Marketing Best Practices

Having a content calendar that does not work efficiently wastes time. Here are some best video marketing practices while using a content calendar to prevent wasting precious time.

Include Integral Elements In Content Calendar

There are a few primary elements that should be a part of a well-planned content calendar:

  • * A Content title/ Task

  • * Content creators (people responsible for the task)

  • * Content owners (people who have assigned the task)

  • * Submission dates/ deadlines

  • * and the status of the task

Accessible To Everyone On The Team

Believe it or not, having a content calendar reduces a lot of back and forth in a team. A content calendar acts as a perfect all-in-one communication tool where you assign, create and update tasks. A calendar that is accessible to everyone on the team gives everyone visibility.

Establish A Workflow

A content calendar alone can't step up your marketing game. You need to establish a workflow for video marketing.

  • * Which ideas to work on next?

  • * When to work on the ideas?

  • * Who will work on the ideas?

  • * Who will bring the video ideas to life?

  • * Who will approve the video content for publishing?

  • * Who will brainstorm new content ideas?

An established workflow makes the video production process smooth and hassle-free. It also increases productivity and ensures better internal communication.

5 Best Video Marketing Ideas

How-to Videos

How-to videos are the tried and tested method to get more traffic. People mostly search for questions and tutorials.

So creating how-to videos or tutorials will help you gain more audience. You can also create how-to videos related to your brand/product. It is an exciting way to introduce the viewers to your products.

Social Media Videos

Youtube is the second largest search engine and the largest video platform on the internet, but other social media platforms are becoming more and more popular every day.

Social media videos may include creating Instagram reels or making TikTok. Want to make exciting and scroll-stopping social media videos? Try Social Media Video Maker and create jaw-dropping videos in minutes!

Behind-The-Scenes Videos

People are curious about what goes on behind the curtains of a company. You should create videos that showcase your company culture, product creation, etc. This is because it can humanize your brand and is a great way to win the audience's trust.

Testimonial Videos

According to a Nielsen Study, 83% of customers trust personal recommendations. A customer testimonial video can build trust with your customers. Having satisfied customers speak to your potential customers and convincing them of how good your product can be a clever way to market your products.

Seasonal Videos

While seasonal videos are seldom part of the marketing plan, they offer your the room to be more creative. You can create holiday videos and share them on social media.

Video Marketing Content Calendar Example


You can use the content calendar template offered by Coschedule for free. Just sign up and you will receive a comprehensive package. The best thing about Coschedule is that you can use it as an Editorial calendar and a video marketing content calendar.


It has both free and paid versions. You can use it without burning a hole in your pocket. It is one of the best content calendar templates out there. Moreover, it has a free version!

Google Sheets

There may be many project management tools out there, but nothing beats the simplicity of Sheets. You can use this free tool to get a bird’s-eye view of your video marketing goals.

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