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Top Trends In Marketing Automation To Look Out For In 2018

March 22, 2018

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we have witnessed some notable changes globally in the past couple of years. The biggest economy in the world got celebrated President, digital money (cryptocurrency) skyrocketed in value after almost a decade, the world saw its first robo-citizen in Saudi Arabia, and AI & automation delved deeper into our daily lives as well as businesses among many other developments. And as per experts, 2018 wouldn’t be any different!

This year would be a great spin in the marketing industry with automation being the big daddy. It is estimated that the global marketing automation software market would be a US$ 5.5 billion industry by 2019 growing at a CAGR of 8.55%. This year is going to be all about personalization, engagement, and digital connectivity. According to some experts, businesses and specifically modern age marketers are expected to spend US$ 32 billion on marketing automation software in 2018. This outlines the scale of MarTech in the coming times and this is just the trailer!

After careful industry research, market study and in-house analysis, we penned down all the trends that are going to ‘rock your digital world’ this year. So without further ado, let’s have a sneak peek at the digital trends that are likely to take over 2018

1. Personalization and Predictability:

Marketing and the content you send out to your customers is not just plain bland advertising anymore. The concept of content marketing has been around in the industry for some time now and it is gradually evolving even further. The focus for 2018 would be to generate not only relevant content but personalized content relevant to your customer accessing that content. This time around personalization would not only be restricted to content, but would capture ‘recommendations’ too. The strength of this can be seen through the digital giants like Netflix and Amazon which strive to become pioneers of this space. This year would see the focus of marketers, service enterprises and content being shifted towards personalization and predictability of what customer wants. Consumer behavior insights are predicted to become almost a necessity for all kinds of business. In-depth analysis of your consumer preferences, channels and devices will advance further. It would be safe to assume the motto of this year as “Right content at the right time on the right channel for the right device”

2. Enhanced User Experience:

In your annual plan of 2018, if ‘User Experience’ isn’t one of your top priorities then a friendly advice would be to incorporate it into your marketing strategy for this year. Companies, businesses and marketers are predicted to ensure a 120% interest and involvement in the entire customer life cycle. The entire customer journey would be made more engaging from the brands’ end ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. This means that the boundaries between content, user life cycle and prediction would gradually fade away; infact going forward it would be only unfair to name these differently.

3. Integration of AI, Automation and Cross Channel Marketing:

2018 would see abundant involvement of marketers with marketing automation and AI. Reports say that, 57% of the marketers believe that automation and AI are absolutely necessary for businesses to grow further. According to some surveys, more than 50% of consumers switch between devices and channels in a single day. This means going forward, cross channel marketing and automation would not just be an option anymore. These advanced technologies would be the tools that would make content personalization, user predictability, automation and optimization possible. All this together would accelerate business growth and efficiency. And by the looks of it, a lot of marketers are jumpy at the thought of becoming ‘techies’ as well.

4. Integration of Chatbots with Business Processes:

With the million options available today, if brands/enterprises would not be adapting enough to accept and implement the changes coming about in today’s consumer as well as the market, it wouldn’t take a second’s thought for a customer to switch its loyalty to a more-suited competitor. Cross channel marketing would also play a critical role moving forward as with the increasing number of channels and devices, cohesiveness in every plan of action would become a must, all this with precise predictability and personalization of engagement. And, this makes marketing automation the main protagonist for this year.

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