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Google My Business: A Creative Tool For Brand Representation

October 2018

When the marketing arena embraced the digital, it not only created a new space for generating revenue, but also brought along an unremitting stream of innovations to elevate the brand, as well as sales in the digital space.

Typically, search engines can be considered as source of digital marketing because it is where majority of the information are sought over on the internet.

Thus, SEO became the primary mantra for all the digital marketers. However, due to newer analytics emerging every day, mastering the art of SEO has become a continuous process.

Keeping this in mind, Google has developed a tool known as ‘Google My Business’ which provides liberty to the marketers to get artistic with the way in which they want to project their brands on all of Google’s products and platforms, including its search engine results pages, reviews and instant content.

And the best part is, Google is delivering the tool for free of cost! In simple terms, Google My Business can be defined as a tool that allows users to regulate how their business appears on Google Search and Google Maps.

This consists of including business name, location, working hours, tracking and responding to customer reviews, adding photos, knowing who are searching it; where, when and how they are searching for a business.

Benefits of Google My Business

Google My Business is a user friendly tool which can be downloaded on Google Play, App Store or can be signed up from desktop. Since Google My Business undoubtedly enhances the visibility of businesses, it has become an important tool used by all successful digital marketers. There are many benefits of using Google My Business. Some of them are listed below.

• Creating Better First Impressions

One of the features of Google My Business is that it allows you to upload photos and videos. This means, you can feature your business through actual visuals by displaying the best of images on your business profile. This helps to create a powerful first impression on potential customers.

• Consistency of Information

You may have come across some business online which is misrepresented with wrong or out-of-date information. However, you can avoid the same mistake with your business by using Google My Business by updating the details from time to time. This not only assures the correctness of your business information on Google, but also extends the accuracy to third-party apps and services that rely on Goole for their data.

• Increased Visibility on Internet

Google My Business helps to categorize your business, making it likely to show up in relevant local searches. Further, as many third-party sites depend on Google for availing data, there is an increased chance that your business profile gets featured on them too.

• Get “insights”

Google also offers another business tool known as ‘insights’ through which one you can access analytical data revealing where, when, how and in which platforms are the users discovering your entries. With this information, you can develop effective campaigns to further improve your visibility and also gratify to a particular target group.

• Free Advertising via Posts

Google My Business comes with the ability to create ‘posts’ or contents that act as a primary source for the users to evaluate your business. You can use these ‘posts’ to address your customers regarding any limited-time offers, promotions etc. to drive the sales. This is a good advertising opportunity to improve your sales or brand reputation.

• Arena for Online Booking

Google My Business offers a salient feature of accepting online bookings or schedule business appointments. This is a notable feature that improves convenience among customers who are looking for services such as a haircut, dental appointment, placing a food order or dining in a restaurant.

• Review/Reputation Management

By now, it is crystal clear that business reviews are a critical component of every SEO strategy. Thus, with your Google My Business account, you have the privilege to transform all your business reviews and comments into a dialogue.

This is a perfect opportunity to understand what your customers feel, where you lack, improve upon your business delivery and provide customer satisfaction. When you involve with a dialogue with your customers on regular intervals – it makes them feel that you are a responsible business enterprise.

If you are a seller aspiring to launch a new business with local SEO, then Google My Business is the best option to start with. After all, when people search for a business nearby, they are definitely going to rely on extensive details such as contact details, work timings, customer reviews etc.

Hence, Google My Business is the key ingredient of every successful business listed in Search Engine Optimization. Further, availing Google My Business is also deemed to be profitable because it helps to perform several functions such as online bookings, advertising posts, insights to drive business and create positive image – all in one platform and free of cost.

Google My Business is without doubt, the most remarkable and exceptional tool ever developed in the area of digital marketing.

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