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How To Productively Use Real Estate Social Media To Generate More Sales

April, 2022

The Impact of Social Media on Real Estate Sales: Social Media Is The Most Important Real Estate Social Media Content In The New Real Estate Market
In recent years, millennials have comprised the majority proportion of homebuyers. It's no surprise that real estate social media marketing is instrumental in enhancing brand exposure. Since It had over 2.82 billion users in 2019. Experts predict that by 2021, the number of users will have risen to around 3.09 billion. The availability of low-cost smartphones and, most importantly, the availability of super-cheap Internet data are the two key catalysts for this trend. As a result of this rapid ease of access to the Internet, India now has the world's highest data consumption. The reach of social media has grown dramatically in recent years as a result of the remarkable growth of the Internet. According to, India's social network users are expected to reach 258.27 million by 2019, up from roughly 168 million in 2016. This is why focusing on a social media marketing strategy for the real estate business is more crucial than ever.

About 44 % of agents claimed that publishing on social media resulted in a new customer in 2020. In fact, last year, social media came in second only to referrals in terms of gaining new listings. Social media may be the optimal choice for real estate and housing experts to brand, advertise, and differentiate themselves from the competition. This, we feel, is where we need to start acting like our own personal ad agencies. Agents aren't supposed to only present images of houses. Your knowledge and how you portray it on social media will set you apart from the next agent as the market becomes more competitive.

Benefits of Real Estate Social Media Marketing for Businesses Growth

In today's digitally-oriented era, it strengthens your internet visibility.
A variety of marketing strategies and promotional materials are available to audiences.
Provides detailed information to potential customers quickly and efficiently.
A great way to communicate with your current and potential consumers.
Makes your company a market leader
Enhances trustworthiness and brand recognition
Interpretation? For real estate companies, social media is nothing short of a gold mine.

Using Social Media to Generate More Real Estate Leads

Implementing strategic marketing techniques specifically targeted for acquiring quality leads and pushing them into your sales funnel is what social media lead generation is all about.

1. Deploy Paid Social Media Advertising to Generate Leads

Businesses that execute paid ad campaigns profit from aspects like reaching out to the right audience, increased interaction, and audience growth. But what about a paid social media ad campaign? Running sponsored social media advertisements entails gathering the necessary information, analysing it, and using it to make your paid social media more powerful and effective than ever before. It may be a terrific social media lead generation technique if done correctly, as it saves time and money for businesses. Here are a few tips on how to execute a successful paid advertising campaign.

1. Know your KPIs: Establish your paid social media objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). Are you trying to raise brand awareness and initiate interactions, or are you trying to generate sales that can be directly attributed to your social efforts?

2. Connect all of your owned ad accounts in one place - Proving marketing ROI is one of the most difficult tasks for marketers, and in order to do so, they must first connect data from many channels in one place, then measure and evaluate it all together.

2. To increase Social Media Leads, Run Referral Marketing Approach

Referral campaigns or recommending a friend can be a smart strategy to get your social media followers to interact with you. Referrals are a powerful method to break the ice with prospects, since over 92% of customers believe the recommendations of their friends and relatives You can make enticing offers such as gift cards or cash incentives for both the referrer and the referees. It might persuade your clients to tell their friends about you. You may build up a referral campaign across key social networks and considerably boost your consumer base using social channels integrated with your marketing platform.

3. Organize contests on Social Media platforms

Contests are an excellent approach to raise brand awareness and create social media leads. Businesses can get major benefits from contests in terms of obtaining leads, and participants will share their great experience with friends and coworkers, resulting in a trendy effect. Allowing individuals to participate a contest for lead generation via social media is as simple as this: Retweets, shares, likes, and followers: This is the simplest technique to attract a huge number of participants. As a result, you'll be able to produce social media leads. Click through to the landing page: As this is not a direct approach, you can expect fewer entries than if it were a contest. A contest entry form, on the other hand, can be used to gather information.

4. Chatbots can help you generate leads on Social Media

Instant messaging and chatbots are trending right now, and they've turned into strong marketing tools. Chatbots help organisations to engage with their prospects even better than humans while decreasing overhead costs considerably. Here's how chatbots can help you generate leads on social media:

Businesses can use AI bots to provide programmed responses to client enquiries across social media channels.

Bots can deduce your visitors' intentions. Knowing the intent determines what your next step will be, which is the magic formula of lead nurturing.

Chatbots can create a unique profile for each consumer based on previous interactions, allowing them to send personalised messages, information, and product recommendations.

Social Media Impact on the Real Estate Business

Now that we know how important social media advertising is for businesses, let's look at how it might assist a company to achieve momentum in a crowded industry. You may capitalise social media in your sales funnel whether you're a B2B or B2C company. It enables your prospects to convert into customers and nurture those new relationships, resulting in improved connections and conversions. You may not only gain qualified leads but also boost your brand visibility by using the correct lead creation tools.


One of the fundamental goals of the real estate business, or any firm in general, is scalability. The growing number of social media users should prompt firms to search for their target demographic on these platforms. For example, Facebook Ads has fantastic tools that allow you to segment your campaign and establish goals based on your strategy, such as targeting a specific audience. Another great advantage of using Facebook Ads is that you can manage your ad budget with Campaign Budget Optimization. These are only a few of Facebook Ads' features. You may apply these in other social media channels as well, and you'll be amazed at how rapidly your real estate company grows.

Improved Interaction

It's no secret that consumers prefer messaging apps to traditional methods of texting or connecting with others. Why? It's quicker, has real-time benefits, is engaging, and it's completely free! When launching a marketing campaign, marketers can even employ social media messaging tools. You can not only ensure that your message reaches the intended audience, but you can also personalise it for more engagement and success.

Reaching Out to a Larger Audience

If a homeowner is trying to figure out how to sell a property quickly, the internet is the quickest place to start. It should be simple to locate real estate companies, agents, and other services by using search engines. Most businesses, on the other hand, increasingly rely on social media for their internet presence. People will certainly see a plethora of real estate business accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. You must keep up with the changing browsing and searching habits of your consumers in order to avoid being left behind. Businesses may now reach potential markets even in the most remote regions of the globe thanks to social media.

Using LinkedIn to Expand Your Business Circle

LinkedIn is a separate social media networking site from Facebook and Instagram, which are both used for entertainment. LinkedIn focuses on a higher level of business-to-business connection. On the other hand, this platform provides realtors and brokers with more options to identify and interact with like-minded individuals. This might be a beneficial platform in an industry that sometimes relies on referrals and word of mouth.

Common Real Estate Marketing Mistakes to avoid in 2021

We've prepared a list of the most common real estate marketing mistakes that we see a lot of agents make, as well as how to avoid them.

1. Being too pushy on social media/not using it correctly

Social media marketing has become a real estate marketing staple over the last decade, and for good reason! Since everyone uses social media, platforms like Facebook and Instagram can help you achieve an unbelievable amount of awareness if used appropriately. Don't be one of those agents who spams unrelated comment areas and uploads dozens of highly sales-y posts every day if you want to get the most out of social media for your real estate marketing campaign. Instead, concentrate on posting information that is useful, relevant, and, most importantly, honest, and you will undoubtedly profit from increased visibility.

2. Not paying enough attention to SEO

SEO is the key to attracting steady organic traffic to your listings, regardless of what business you work in. You won't achieve your marketing objectives unless you optimise your site for Google's algorithms, no matter how wonderful it looks. If you put in a consistent amount of time and effort six months down the road to improve your organic search performance, you'll see an increase in traffic to your listings and, of course, more conversions.

3. Chaotic Data Management

Real estate salespeople are frequently so focused on nailing the pitch that they overlook all of the tedious activities that must be completed behind the scenes in order to run a successful marketing campaign. Basic data management is perhaps the most crucial of these jobs. To manage your leads, you'll need to use a CRM. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a piece of software that neatly organises all of the leads you collect. The CRM may appear to be a minor function, but it is the backbone of any Real Estate marketing effort. When you have all of your leads in one place, you can categorise them based on a variety of factors (lead quality, house type, etc.) and then use those categorizations to target leads with personalised, relevant, and informative outreach that will help them progress through the funnel to closing.

4. Lack of Retargeting Tools

Many real estate agents believe that once a prospect leaves their website, they will never return. You may re-engage dropped visitors with banner and social media advertising using retargeting so that they don't forget about your organisation and convert when they're ready to clinch the transaction. This is especially crucial in real estate because buying a property is a lengthy process, and you can't expect prospects to buy on their first visit.

5. Not going the extra mile to develop a Client relationship

Many real estate brokers believe that their work is done after the transaction is completed, but this could not be further from the reality. Walking the extra mile and providing a touch of customer service to your clients after they've closed will help you consolidate your word-of-mouth referral networks because your existing consumers will be that much happier. Send a "Thank You" note or a small "Closing Gift" to homebuyers. These may appear to be insignificant gestures, but they go a long way toward establishing the types of relationships necessary for a strong referral network.

Final Thoughts!

More than 90% of the world's population lives in a virtual world, and social media plays a critical role in this. Sellers are becoming more visible on social media in order to communicate with customers and generate leads and revenues. Real estate social media marketing should be explored by digital marketers. The influence of social media includes more leads, focused audiences, higher conversions, and finally, increased revenue. On social media, real estate involves a large number of parameters and precise attention to detail. It is, nonetheless, an excellent platform for prospecting and generating leads. With so many people using social media to find their future home, you need to be able to meet them there. You can accomplish this using the approach explained above in this article.

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