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8 Tips To Take Your Email Marketing To The Next Level

March 22, 2018

So let’s start from the beginning. You find yourself wanting to send an email campaign about your latest product launch or a promotion of your existing product. You have your email database in hand and you want to reach your customers faster. And a second before you hit the send button you have a few concerns on how well the millennial will respond to this called ‘best strategy’.

Well, the best thing that could happen is that you hopefully, reach your target. The worst? You end up under the watch of a blacklisting organization!!!

“Best results” at optimal cost is the lifeline that any business holds onto very dearly. So why make an exception with your digital marketing when you can follow the below decoded praxis to keep you close to your optimum results.

Ask for Opt-ins to milk your cash cow:

A list just obtained from any third party might not always be tailored for you and the risks of you marked as spam increases if you do not use a ‘Permission-based’ list. To make sure that all you spend is not in vain, remind and assure users that they will receive information they love.

The trend set in place to increase positive feedback from the receiver front or the so called interest list, is to ask for double opt-in which the industry has received with open arms seeing it to be a huge success.

Reach well to feel the dollar with the A/B Test:

With your list at hand, the next crucial piece of this recipe is content. A single size doesn’t fit all here in this context and hence it becomes necessary to find out what elements bring you a home run in the campaign. Try out different combinations of your mail layout, content, look and html to test out which brings you close to the dollar and more closer to your customer.

Test so that it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg:

Sometimes a faulty email can have a huge adverse impact than a failed email. Test your mails with a small sample and a test version, before sending it out to the main list as there might be chances of your campaign ending up in spam or not opening as desired in the various browsers of different email providers costing you a valuable customer and your business ultimately.

Prune your list to board the gravy train:

Some marketers go into a recursive thinking mode that they might miss some sort of connection with people in the undeliverable, non-existent list and keep sending emails costing them money and time. There is no wrong in chopping these blocks off the list and putting more attention to people who actually make you money.

Time is Money!!!

The Inbox Report 2015 of Octane.in states “10am – 12noon were the best hours for engagement for BFSI sector” while, “10am – 4pm were the best hours of the day for the Travel & Hospitality sector”. This is empirical proof that different people can be best reached at different times. Hence it is best and wise to send e-mails at the right time and you can bet your bottom dollar to see spiked positives of this variant strategy.

Personalize all the way to the bank

A simple name in the mail or subject line has more potential to make people go “OMG!!!” with excitement, to increase open rates and bring business to the house than a monotonous mass email in the crowded mailbox, that is sure to leave you behind in the fast moving online marketing world.

Rake in Money with Mobile:

Ignoring the mobile trend might cost you as your customer may either close or delete an email that they may not be able to view on their mobile. And with predictions by industry experts that this trend is to grow exponentially, including it in your digital marketing strategy might be able to reel in customers.

Money for Jam with Reactivation Campaigns:

Sometimes you might have people on your list who have been dormant for a while. An interesting offer or campaign might renew their interest in the product again. Including a Call to Action might be good to get a response that is quite positive.

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